This blog is an accompaniment to others already here allegedly exposing others in UK Nationalism as State Operatives, Agent Provocateurs, Grasses, Wrong Un's or whatever the state want to sling in among the pigeons via their various stooges and plants.

These people are only here to destroy nationalism and detract us from the duties we all should be engaged in. Instead we turn our attentions towards those of our own and scrutinize them whilst allowing the opposition to sit and laugh at us and establish themselves without hinderence as we fight among each other or engage in long drawn out slagging matches.

We will add our bit here over the next month and then close the matter, we won't drag it out.

Add your experiences with Kevin Watmough or his present associates engaged in a smear campaign not only vehemently and consistantly attacking Tony White but others who have done their bit to support British Nationalism over many years.

Tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

And those that know the truth but remain silent are as bad as those that speak only lies.